CAE Retired Status FAQs

CAE Retired Status FAQs

What is the difference between the CAE (Ret.) and the CAE inactive status?
Individuals with the CAE (Ret.) designation may use CAE (Ret.) after their name and in correspondence, publications, speaking engagements, and other public mentions to indicate their status as a Certified Association Executive at the time of their retirement from association management. CAE (Ret.) designees may not use the CAE designation without the (Ret.) suffix and may not portray themselves as a current CAE. An individual on inactive status may not use the CAE designation.

In both cases, there is a three-year period to reactivate the CAE. If more than three years pass since the last date of being a CAE in good standing and the required number of credit hours is not submitted, then the individual must meet eligibility requirements, submit a qualifying application and fees, and achieve a passing examination score to regain the CAE.

Can CAE (Ret.) designees serve as mentors?
Yes, individuals with CAE (Ret.) status may serve as mentors to CAEs and CAE candidates. See the CAE eligibility requirements and renewal requirements for more information about mentoring policies.

Are CAE (Ret.) designees eligible for volunteer appointments that require the CAE credential?
No, those with CAE (Ret.) status are not eligible for such appointments, including appointments on the CAE Commission and some ASAE committees.

Do CAE (Ret.) designees still have to complete continuing education hours?
No, there is no continuing education requirement for CAE (Ret.) designees.

Do you have to renew the CAE (Ret.) designation?
CAE (Ret.) designees are not required to complete recertification or renew their CAE (Ret.) status. As long as the designee continues to meet the eligibility requirements for retired status, he or she may continue to use the designation.

How do I apply for the CAE (Ret.) designation?
Those interested in the designation may submit an application, along with a one-time nonrefundable retired-status fee of $350.