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In a global economy, associations are extending their reach across U.S. borders and seeking opportunities to grow and make community connections worldwide. ASAE seeks to be the leading source of learning, knowledge, and community for U.S. association executives and their organizations as they expand globally.

Like many other associations, ASAE is engaged in a global strategy, exploring international market opportunities, conducting research into what it takes for associations to succeed globally, and focusing our international activities in specific regions or countries. ASAE’s current strategy highlights the Asia Pacific region, with particular focus in South Korea, China, and Singapore. We also work closely with several European programs to share knowledge on our respective practices.

Our Work

Research. The Association Global Management Series encompasses several studies by the ASAE Foundation and MCI Group examining the strategies and operations of associations doing business outside the United States. The ongoing research is producing valuable data and resources to help the association community better understand international opportunities and challenges.

Events. ASAE has taken one of its hallmark events to Hong Kong. Great Ideas in Association Management, Asia Pacific brings together association executives from more than a dozen countries to exchange ideas and best practices in association management, with a focus on issues of particular concern to the region. Future dates and more information coming soon.

Leadership. ASAE’s global work is coordinated by the International Section Council, focusing specifically on the resources needed for U.S. organizations with global initiatives. The Key Global Associations Committee, a group of more than two dozen CEOs of U.S.-based associations with robust global operations, plays an important role in outlining successful practices from their experience. Each group contributes substantial intellectual capital and experience, which they share with the broader community through ASAE presentations and knowledge resources.

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For more information on ASAE’s global initiatives, contact:
Greta Kotler, CAE
Chief Global Development Officer
[email protected]

Megan Kuhman
Senior Manager
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