Books and Benchmarking


Associations operate in a constantly changing business environment where current, authoritative information specific to the association sector is essential to success. ASAE publications and benchmarking resources deliver hard data and thoughtful analysis that help association professionals build their knowledge and that empower associations to assess how they stack up against similar organizations in a highly competitive marketplace.  

ASAE publishes in-depth knowledge resources in a variety of forms, all available in the online Bookstore.


ASAE publications range from full-length books examining strategic association management issues to narrower, more focused e-books and reports. Many of these resources are based on research supported by the ASAE Foundation.

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AssociaMetrics provides premium access to ASAE’s most comprehensive set of data resources, including results of compensation and benefits studies and research on association financial and operational performance.

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Compensation and benefits data from the association sector can help organizations assess how well they are competing for top talent, while association professionals can gain important perspectives for career planning.

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Financial and operational performance data from the Operating Ratio Report survey enables association leaders to evaluate their organization’s performance, track trends across the industry, and support strategic decision making.

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