Benchmarking: AssociaMetrics


AssociaMetrics is a convenient and dynamic one-stop gateway to association benchmarking data. A one-year subscription provides online access to the full complement of industry data aggregated from ASAE’s Association Compensation and Benefits survey and Operating Ratio Report survey. Organizations can use the data to

  • inform decisions and strategy
  • support board presentations
  • identify potential areas for improvement
  • pinpoint strong performance areas to build upon or showcase
  • negotiate salary increases
  • ensure personnel compensation, structure, and size are competitive
  • provide a more accurate picture of financial performance and position

Custom filters let you view aggregated data of the responding organizations that fall within the selected parameters, providing a powerful yardstick for comparison. Association leaders can use areas of discrepancy as a guide to investigate whether adjustments in compensation and benefits or financial operations are warranted. Custom reports can be exported to Excel, Word, or PDF for use in presentations.

AssociaMetrics provides all the data, features, and options available through the online-access options for ASAE’s benchmarking reports— Association Compensation & Benefits and Operating Ratio Report — plus PDFs of the reports prepared by ASAE, including Benchmarking in Association Management: Policies and Procedures, all at a reduced package price:



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