Benchmarking: Compensation and Benefits

compensation and benefits

For associations seeking to stay competitive in the marketplace and association professionals contemplating career moves, access to accurate salary and compensation information is essential. To track this key data, ASAE conducts a research survey every two years exploring compensation levels for association professionals in various fields and makes that data available a variety of ways.

Whether you want comprehensive data for organizational benchmarking or information on specific positions to help you in a job search or career planning, we can help.


AssociaMetrics Premium provides online access to the full complement of association industry data aggregated from ASAE, including Association Compensation and Benefits Study and Association Operating Ratio Report plus PDFs of additional benchmarking reports prepared by ASAE, including both volumes of Benchmarking in Association Management Policies and Procedures and Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance all at a reduced package price.

Association Compensation & Benefits Access provides compensation information for 66 job titles within associations. It allows you to sort ASAE’s compensation and benefits data by multiple filters such as budget, staff size, geographic location, and scope for comparison against organizations like yours.

Previous purchasers of the Greater Washington Association Compensation & Benefits Study should purchase the Association Compensation & Benefits Access and use Region filters to segment by the Greater Washington area.