AssociaMetrics Premium

AssociaMetrics Premium

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AssociaMetrics is the central access point for association benchmarking data. This user-friendly interactive tool allows you to generate custom data to see how you stack up against organizations of similar size, revenue, tax status, and other parameters. One-year access includes Compensation and Benefits, Operating Ratio Report, Investment Policies, plus any data sets added within your one-year access period.

Export the custom reports you generate in Word, PDF, or Excel and use for

  • informing decisions and strategy
  • supporting board presentations
  • identifying potential areas for improvement
  • pinpointing strong performance areas to build upon or showcase
  • negotiating salary increases
  • ensuring that personnel remuneration, structure, and size are competitive
  • providing a more accurate overall picture of financial performance and financial position

AssociaMetrics Premium provides all the data, features, and options available through the interactive tools Association Compensation & Benefits Access and Operating Ratio Report Access at a reduced package price. These features include access to PDFs of the ASAE-prepared reports, all from your most trusted industry source. Get started benchmarking today with AssociaMetrics.

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(2018–2022, online tool, one-year access)