CAE Exam Content Outline

The CAE examination is fair but challenging, designed to assess the ability of test takers to apply fundamental knowledge to scenarios drawn from real-world association management challenges. The CAE Exam Content Outline is updated every five years.


In 2018–2019, the CAE Commission oversaw a practice analysis that resulted in the identification of 119 essential association management competencies organized into eight knowledge domains. The new CAE Exam Content Outline takes effect with the December 2020 exam and continues through the May 2025 exam. The outline presents the content covered in the exam; the amount of the test devoted to each area is indicated in parentheses.

Download the CAE Exam Content Outline for December 2020 – May 2025 [PDF]


Australasian Pilot Test Exam Outline

Beginning with the May 2021 CAE exam, ASAE will be conducting pilot tests with the Australasian Society of Association Executives. The Australasian CAE Exam Content Outline is similar to the standard U.S.-centric outline but with some variations to account for differences in meaning, practice, or laws.

Download the Australasian CAE Exam Content Outline [PDF]