CAE Approved Provider FAQs for CAEs and CAE Candidates

CAE Approved Provider FAQs for CAEs and CAE Candidates

What is a CAE Approved Provider?
A CAE Approved Provider is an organization that offers programming that is eligible for CAE credit. When selecting a CAE eligible course from a CAE Approved Provider, you can be confident that the course will be recognized for CAE credit as advertised.

Where can I find a list of CAE Approved Providers?
This list of CAE Approved Providers includes direct links to more information about the providers’ qualifying courses.

What is required for an organization to become a CAE Approved Provider?
Organizations wishing to become a CAE Approved Provider must pledge to provide training which meets or exceeds the CAE Program standards for CAE credit, and agree to accurately communicate course eligibility for credit. In addition, CAE Approved Providers must maintain the necessary records to support the use of coursework toward CAE applications, and pay an annual fee to the CAE program.

What information do CAE Approved Providers receive from the CAE Program?
CAE Approved Providers receive clear guidelines on what qualifies for CAE credits and how to properly represent the CAE eligibility of their courses. In addition, CAE Approved Providers receive the CAE Exam Content Outline and listing of the CAE Core Resources to help ensure that the provider is aware of the content of the examination, and the basis for the positions tested on the exam.

Are all programs offered by CAE Approved Providers eligible for CAE credit?
Not necessarily. The CAE Program has established specific standards for whether a course is eligible for CAE credit. CAE Approved Providers are aware of these standards. While not all programs offered by a CAE Approved Provider may meet these standards, CAE Approved Providers will display a web sticker next to courses that meet the standards for CAE credit.

Are there self-study options available for CAE credit through the CAE Approved Provider program?
Yes.  The CAE Program has established additional policies to approve Self-Study programs for CAE credit. To be eligible for CAE credit, self-study courses must be reflective of the CAE Exam Content Outline and must:

  • be suitably recent, as defined by the oldest reference included in the CAE Core Resources.
  • have clearly identified learning objectives linked to the CAE Exam Content Outline.
  • include an interactive component such as quizzes, post-tests, or other learning assessment exercises or activities by which participants apply and demonstrate comprehension of the covered content areas.
  • meet recognized standards for effective self-study programs.

Do all of my application and/or renewal credits have to come from CAE Approved Providers?
No. Any course which meets the CAE Program standards as determined after review by CAE Program staff may be utilized toward meeting your CAE application or renewal requirements. While there is no requirement that CAE credits must come from CAE Approved Providers, using qualifying courses from CAE Approved Providers gives you confidence that the course qualifies for CAE credits as advertised.

Why did the CAE Program establish a CAE Approved Provider program?
The CAE Approved Provider program was established in response to requests from CAE candidates for a clearer system to identify courses that qualify for CAE credit, as well as requests from course providers seeking a way to identify their program as eligible for CAE credit. The specific aspects of the program were designed with full consideration of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs, and modeled after similar programs offered by other NCCA Accredited credentialing programs.