CAE Examination Information and Dates

CAE Examination Information and Dates

The first step toward earning your CAE, after you've met your experience and education eligibility requirements, is to submit an application. You should submit your application once you meet the application criteria and are prepared to sit for the exam within the next twelve months. The application deadlines for upcoming exam dates are listed below. Please note that your application must be fully submitted by the close of business on the listed application deadline.

Upcoming exam dates and deadlines: 

Exam date: May 1-14, 2024
Application deadline: Friday, February 23, 2024

Exam date: December 1-14, 2024
Application deadline: Friday, September 27, 2024

Registering for an Exam Date

After your application has been approved, you will receive an email notification from Meazure Learning approximately four weeks before the examination date. This notification will allow you to schedule your exam. You will have the flexibility to choose both the testing site and the date for your examination. Your exam application will remain valid for one year from the date of its approval. Within this one-year timeframe, you will have the option to take the May or December exam.

If your application expires, you will need to submit a new application along with the required fees. Please note that a retake fee will be applicable if you choose to sit for the exam more than once using the same application.

When and Where the Test Is Given

The CAE exam is offered in a two-week window in May and December. The test is administered at scheduled test sites throughout the U.S. and internationally at Meazure Learning testing centers. You will have the option of taking the exam from your home or other suitable location with a live remote proctoring option (LRP).

Computer-Based Test

The CAE exam is administered as a computer-based test. You can schedule your exam within a two-week window at a Meazure Learning testing center or home/office via live remote proctoring (LRP). You will have four hours to complete the exam once you begin. Your exam results will be mailed to your preferred mailing address approximately six weeks after the final day of the testing window. You will not receive results after you complete the exam at a testing center due to the post-exam process. After the test, the questions are analyzed statistically to identify if there are any hidden flaws. Questions that appear to be flawed are reviewed by the CAE Examination Committee to determine how that question should be scored. After these issues are resolved, the test is scored and the results are finalized.

Reasonable Accommodations Pursuant to the ADA

The CAE Commission is committed to ensuring equal opportunity access to the CAE exam for candidates with disabilities and supports the intention of the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADAAA). The CAE Commission makes reasonable efforts to accommodate eligible candidates who provide documented evidence of their disability or need for testing accommodations, provided the accommodations do not present an undue burden to the CAE Program and do not fundamentally alter the measurement of the knowledge the assessment is intended to test. More information is available here: CAE Test Accommodations