Issue Roundup: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)




As the worldwide COVID-19 crisis continues, associations are experiencing drastic impacts on their conferences, membership, and operations. These resources are compiled here to help you stay informed on this rapidly evolving situation.


ASAE Announces Vaccination Policy for In-Person Events

ASAE’s first priority in all meetings and events decisions is the safety and welfare of our attendees, exhibitors, partners, and team. In order to enable in-person events to take place with lower risk to participants, effective September 30, 2021, ASAE is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for admittance to ASAE in-person meetings and events.

You will be required to show either:

  1. Proof of COVID Vaccination, OR
  2. A negative COVID test taken with 72 hours of arrival on-site. The test must be administered by a medical professional, presented on official paperwork and not be self-administered.

This policy is based on guidance and recommendations issued by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health authorities. The COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization and the vaccines that the FDA has fully approved have been determined to be critical in reducing the community prevalence of COVID-19.

Beginning with ASAE’s Summit Awards on September 30 and extending to all in-person meetings and events afterward, all registrants for ASAE meetings or events will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination onsite before entering the meeting venue. The only exemption to this policy will be religious or medical reasons. When this occurs, specific health protocols must be followed, and otherwise, attendees will not be admitted.

ASAE will also require registrants to submit an Acknowledgment of Personal Responsibility Form upon registering for a meeting or event and to comply with any state or local mask mandates in place for indoor events until further notice.

ASAE is working on a technology solution that will enable meeting registrants to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination during the online registration process. The availability of that option will be communicated as soon as possible.


Advocacy Update

Pandemic Risk Insurance

Pandemic risk insurance—and especially coverage for event cancellation—remains a top priority for ASAE. A pandemic risk insurance program, which ASAE first called for in March 2020, is critically needed to help our community and others fully reestablish programs, services, the workforce, and our overall economic impact.

In May 2021, ASAE joined the Business Continuity Coalition as a steering committee member. The BCC brings together more than two dozen industries and companies representing more than 60 million workers. In addition to trade associations and professional societies, the BCC showcases organizations in the restaurant, entertainment, hospitality, gaming, retail, communications, broadcasting, and real estate industries, among others. Read ASAE’s press release for more information.

To read more, visit ASAE’s coronavirus advocacy and resources webpage or email with questions.


ASAE Research Foundation Impact Surveys

The ASAE Research Foundation continues to study how associations have approached critical decision-making about member, volunteer, staff, and constituent needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Association Impact Snapshot Surveys assess the pandemic’s impact on association business operations, including meetings, nondues revenue, and staff management.  

The foundation conducted two surveys in 2020 and one in early 2021. Key findings have been captured in the following three reports: 

In addition, a Phase 3 Comprehensive Final Report is available for download.  

The foundation plans to conduct additional surveys to continue to track ongoing association response to the crisis. Please reach out to if you have questions. 


Recorded Webcasts

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Other Tools and Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC’s resource page includes information on COVID-19 vaccination and testing, variants, and travel updates. 

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs: This State Department resource includes information on travel advisories, presidential proclamations on travel restrictions, and country-specific COVID-19 information.

Meetings Mean Business Coalition: MMB's toolkit of coronavirus preparedness and response resources is tailored specifically for meeting and event professionals. It includes talking points, templates, and "fast facts" graphics that can be shared in social media.