Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

ASAE's D+I strategy exists to help associations navigate a continually changing environment in which shifting demographics and other business and societal trends are requiring organizations to adapt to remain relevant.

ASAE’s D+I research, tools, and resources are designed to help HR, membership, and volunteer teams attract, involve, and retain diverse talent pools. Marketing and communications teams can use our resources to develop materials that speak to any markets.

For ASAE and many other associations, D+I is both a business principle and practice. So we will continue to commit time, attention, and resources to D+I and help you do the same in your association. Thanks to ASAE's Diversity + Inclusion Committee, we have greater capacity to support associations and industry partners in developing their own D+I concepts, policies, and practices to improve organizational outcomes.

ASAE’s Commitment

D+I statement. This brief statement, approved by the ASAE Board of Directors in August 2018, encapsulates our commitment to D+I.

D+I strategic plan. The board-approved 2019-2021 D+I Strategic Plan includes goals for top-level commitment and accountability, empowering women, and resources to assess and evaluate datasets for potential human bias and prejudice.

D+I policies.The ASAE board has approved several D+I policies that guide the organization’s activities related to meetings, advocacy, and volunteer management:

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D+I case statement. This statement outlines the direct connection between D+I and organizational outcomes and can help association leaders make the business case for pursuing a D+I strategy in their own organizations.

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