Governance Samples

As an association executive, we understand you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. That’s why we’ve compiled the collection of sample governance documents below. Use these to get you started and to see how other organizations have approached such things as meeting agendas and evaluations. Of course, you'll want to tailor them to your own needs, but these will help spur ideas. Do you have a sample that your fellow ASAE members might find useful? Email it to: Please submit original items only. We cannot post materials copyrighted to others, nor do we post promotional materials.

Board Recruitment/Nominations

  • Board Nominations and Elections Procedures
    Organization: Tenessee Recreation and Parks Association
    Description:This policies and procedures document outlines the timeline and tasks for the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association nominations committee in approving a slate of new officers and directors each year for TRPA’s yearly elections. TRPA has two full-time employees.
    Contact: Candi Rawlins, CAE,

  • Board Recruitment Needs Analysis
    Organization: Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP
    Description: This tool, submitted by Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP, can be used to assess current strengths and weaknesses of an existing board or used to evaluate a pool of potential board candidates. With some modification, it can also be used as a tool to track the experience and diversity of existing board members on an individual basis.
    Contact: Eileen Morgan Johnson,

Board Orientation Process

  • Sample Professional Association Board Orientation Process
    Description: This sample board orientation process was developed by a national professional association with 2,600 members, an operating budget of just over $1,000,000, and approximately 4 full time employees. The sample contains an overview and a board orientation checklist.

Board Meeting Agendas

  • Sample Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
    Description: If your association's Board has a meeting soon, then this sample board meeting agenda may be useful. Some of the sections in this comprehensive agenda include: Call to Order, Strategic Focus Areas, Interfaces and Alliances, Operational Policies and Direction, Routine Business, and Consent Agenda.

  • Board Meeting Agenda for Emphasis on Generative, Strategic Discussion
    Organization: Association Management Center
    Description: This sample board agenda is structured to place generative discussion first, strategic discussion second, and administrative matters last. It flips the typical board agenda to ensure that the board's limited time is spent on the most important issues at hand.
    Contact: Mark Engle, DM, FASAE, CAE,


Board Codes of Conduct

Board Duties and Position Descriptions

  • ADSC Board Job Description & Code of Conduct
    Organization: The International Association of Foundation Drilling
    Description: This board position description written by ADSC defines the roles and responsibilities of the board and is included in the overall organizational governance policy. Also included in this sample is the board code of conduct.
    Contact: Marilyn Ellis,

  • Board and Officer Duties
    Description: This concise board and officer duties sample provides clear roles and responsibilities for both officers and directors for a national trade association with 6-8 full time employees and an operating budget of 1-3 Million. The association has a membership base of 1600, as well as 20 affiliated regional organizations around the country.

  • Board Member Legal Duties Primer
    Organization: Venable LLP
    Description: This article outlines the roles and responsibilities of a board member, and suggests ways to protect him/her from personal liability. Antitrust issues are also discussed in this article.
    Contact: Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum,

  • Board of Directors Resources: Position Descriptions
    Organization: Tennessee Concrete Association
    Description: This document details the roles and responsibilities of a member of the board of directors of the Tennessee Concrete Association. It also includes a signature line for board members to sign in acknowledgment of their understanding of their duties. TCA has three full-time employees.
    Contact: Alan Sparkman,

  • Sample Professional Association Board of Directors Position Description
    Description: This sample board member position description developed by a national professional association with 2,600 members, an operating budget of just over $1,000,000, and approximately 4 full time employees. The position description covers the purpose of the position as well as key responsibilities and reporting structure.

Board Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Conflict of Interest Policies

Antitrust Policies