Executive Compensation Study (Custom CEO Report)

Executive Compensation Study (Custom CEO Report)

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The Executive Compensation Study is an executive compensation benchmarking service using innovative tools and industry insight to provide boards of directors and associations the confidence—and the data—needed to make informed decisions on executive compensation.

This comprehensive benchmarking product is a customized report tailored to your organization. Paring ASAE's industry-leading classification database of U.S.-based associations and nonprofits with access to millions of datapoints on finances and compensation, researchers created a bias-free, data-driven salary report tailored to your organization that thoroughly and completely captures the marketplace and its compensation practices.

Given identifying peer organizations is the essential foundation on any benchmarking report, each study begins with a one-on-one interview with an ASAE's researcher to ensure the proper details about your organizations are known, understood and tracked. It's our goal to deliver a complete, transparent, thorough benchmarking study for each client. In the unlikely event that ASAE researchers believe a thorough study is not achievable, a full refund will be offered.

With this 12-page study, organizations receive a complete, detailed view of who peer organizations are and how those executives leading those groups are compensated today, including granular data like base pay, incentive pay trends, and contributions toward deferred compensation plans. There is currently a 14-day turnaround time for each report.

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