CAE Retired Status

CAE Retired Status

Current CAEs in good standing who are retired from association management (or individuals who were a CAE in good standing at the time of their retirement from association management), but wish to retain their connection to the CAE community, may apply for the “CAE (Ret.)” designation.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the CAE (Ret.) applicants must:
  • Be a current CAE in good standing at the time of application (or at the time of their retirement from association management).
  • Have renewed the CAE at least once.
  • Be fully retired from the practice of association management and no longer have an employment or contracted relationship with a qualifying organization as an employee consultant or independent contractor. A qualifying organization is defined as a nonprofit organization—a trade association, professional society, individual membership organization, philanthropic organization, or tribal organization—or an association management company.
  • Submit a qualifying application accompanied by a one-time non-refundable $350 retired status fee.

Continuing Requirements

  • CAE (Ret.) designees are subject to the same code of conduct and same disciplinary actions as CAEs. Complaints about CAE (Ret.) will be handled through the policies outlined for complaints about CAEs.
  • CAE (Ret.) designees must remain fully retired or no longer employed by a qualifying organization as an employee, consultant, or independent contractor.
  • CAE (Ret.) designees must notify the CAE Commission of any change in employment circumstances that would render the individual ineligible for CAE (Ret.) status.

Rights and Privileges

Individuals granted CAE (Ret.) status may use CAE (Ret.) after their name, in correspondence, publications, speaking engagements and other public mentions to indicate their status as a Certified Association Executive at the time of their retirement from association management. CAE (Ret.) designees may not use the CAE designation without the (Ret.) suffix, and may not portray themselves as a current CAE.

Reactivation to CAE Status

Individuals who become CAE (Ret.) have the following options to reactivate their CAE:

  1. If the application for CAE reactivation is made within three years of the last date of being a CAE in good standing, the individual may submit the required number of hours in the preceding three years to reactive the CAE under the Inactive Status rules.
  2. If more than three years has passed since the last date of being a CAE in good standing, or the requirements to reactivate are not met, the individual must meet eligibility requirements, submit a qualifying exam application and fees, and achieve a passing examination score.

The CAE Commission encourages CAEs to think carefully and wisely before changing to CAE (Ret.) status. The Commission encourages certificants to maintain the CAE if they are not sure they will remain fully retired from association management. Reactivating the CAE through the Inactive status rules may not be easy, especially if the CAE (Ret.) is not regularly attending qualifying education. Also, a CAE (Ret.) may not meet current eligibility requirements at the time they may apply to retest.

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For more information on CAE (Ret.) status, including details on mentoring, volunteer eligibility, and renewal, review these FAQs.