Job Summaries and Salaries: Public Relations/Legislative

Descriptions and median base salaries from ASAE research

Top Public Relations Position

Directs the organization’s promotion, publicity, and public relations activities. May function as spokesperson for the organization. May also act as government liaison in the absence of a Top Government/Lobbying Position.
Median base salary: $139,359

Top Government/Lobbying Position

Develops and guides the organization’s legislative, regulatory, and member education activities. Maintains contacts with legislative and governmental agencies.
Median base salary: $144,821

Communications/PR/Public Affairs Specialist

Responsible for one or more aspects of the communications and/or public relations plan, e.g., media relations, membership communications, online/web page activities, and/or association profile. May provide assistance to the spokesperson for the organization.
Median base salary: $75,321

Head of Washington, DC, Office

For organizations with headquarters outside of Washington, DC, serves as the organization’s governmental liaison official in Washington. Principal responsibilities are to keep headquarters informed on pending regulation and legislation and to present the organization’s point of view on behalf of its members. Advises and assists members and member committees on federal regulatory or legislative matters.
Median base salary: $186,000

Legislative Assistant

Works as an assistant to the public policy or government affairs staff. Monitors issues relevant to members and assists the director or department manager. May directly assist members in problem resolution.
Median base salary: $58,059


Source: ASAE, Association Compensation & Benefits Study 2022