Job Summaries and Salaries: Human Resources

Descriptions and median base salaries from ASAE research

Top Human Resources Position

Manages and directs the human resources strategy of the organization. Has management oversight of recruitment, staff and organization development, performance planning and evaluation, compensation, benefits, and compliance with employment laws.
Median base salary: $118,533

Compensation/Benefits Specialist

Plans and executes the compensation and benefits strategy and manages employee compensation and benefits programs. Ensures program tasks are executed within plan and regulatory constraints, either personally or through subordinate staff. Significant vendor/broker contact. May contribute extensively to new staff orientation program and exit interview program.
Median base salary: $79,250

Recruiter/Staffing Specialist

Plans and executes recruitment strategy and budget; program tasks include job description creation, advertising, and hiring. Performs candidate search, interviews candidates, and ensures all applicable regulations are followed. Prepares offer letters for signature of appropriate official. Recommends changes to existing policies and processes. May contribute extensively to new staff orientation program. May be contact for placement of temporary workers.
Median base salary: $80,380

Human Resources Clerk/Assistant

Maintains confidential electronic and paper filing systems and performs a variety of clerical tasks, including maintaining staff schedules, inputting applicant flow data, building applicant packets, and preparing orientation packets. May work as an assistant to the Top Human Resources Position.
Median base salary: $54,912


Source: ASAE, Association Compensation & Benefits Study 2022