Job Summaries and Salaries: Executive Office

Descriptions and median base salaries from ASAE research

Chief Executive Officer

Serves as the top paid administrative and executive officer of the organization. Responsible for overall strategic operation, management, and administration of all staff, headquarters, and field activities. Works closely with the board to develop the organization’s vision and strategic focus.
Median base salary: $201,800

Deputy Chief Executive

Serves on a full-time basis as the number-two person on the organization’s staff and acts for the CEO in his or her absence. May be assigned specific strategic management, administrative, or program responsibilities and may also function as the head of a key business unit.
Median base salary: $159,715

Top Multi-Function Program Position

Determines the focus and direction of several association programs or functional areas, (i.e. membership and marketing or education and meetings). Also responsible for day-to-day oversight. May provide staff support to board and assigned association committees. May serve as a spokesperson in areas of expertise.
Median base salary: $120,000

General Counsel

Serves as the full-time head of the organization’s legal staff and as key legal advisor on all major business transactions. This is an in-house position, not outside counsel. Responsible for the oversight of outside counsel.
Median base salary: $202,000

Strategic Initiatives Executive

Plans and coordinates the implementation of strategic and special projects, usually at the direction of the Chief Staff Executive but also in conjunction with the board and staff. Primary function of job is focused on pursuing and achieving tactical or strategic objectives.
Median base salary: $170,000

Top International Programs Position

Develops and manages the strategic international plan for the organization’s products and services.
Median base salary: $166,713

Top For-Profit Subsidiary Position

Serves as the top paid executive officer of the for-profit subsidiary, but not the CEO of the parent organization.
Median base salary: $179,500

Technical Program Area Specialist

Primarily responsible for conceptualizing, implementing, and managing all aspects of a major program or special initiative in the unique subject area of the association. Generally works independently and has supervisory and budgeting responsibilities.
Median base salary: $118,578

Board/Committee Administrator

Responsible for coordinating appointments, scheduling meetings, generating reports, staffing committees, and/or interfacing with the board about committee activities. Might also have the title Board/Committee Coordinator or Manager.
Median base salary: $78,723

Source: ASAE, Association Compensation & Benefits Study