Marketing Professionals Community

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The Marketing Professionals Community is dedicated to helping you improve your skills as an association marketer. It provides the tools and information you'll need to find the best solutions to your specific challenges and to keep abreast of new marketing trends and developments and their applications to association management. The community operates on the following beliefs:

  • Raising the level of "marketing consciousness" increases the success of our associations.
  • Innovation in marketing is ignited by unbridled creativity and fun.
  • Marketing is an experiential discipline requiring bold experimentation and celebration of failure.
  • Lifelong learning is an essential discipline for personal growth as a professional marketer.
  • Marketing is an interdisciplinary function and requires the enthusiastic partnering of association staff, volunteers, and suppliers.

Leadership. The Marketing Professionals Advisory Council assists ASAE staff in providing activities, products, and services for section members with the goal of enhancing their work and the work of the associations they represent. This group requires two in-person meetings.

Resources. Find articles and other knowledge resources on association marketing.

Community. Join the conversation in the Marketing Professionals Community in Collaborate, ASAE’s members-only online social network.

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