Job Summaries and Salaries: Publications/Advertising

Descriptions and median base salaries from ASAE research

Top Publications Position

Directs the periodical and nonperiodical publishing activities of the organization.
Median base salary: $105,000


Evaluates and edits content for publication, such as content included in the organization’s magazine, newsletter, journal, or website.
Median base salary: $71,617

Graphic Designer/Artist

Designs or creates graphics that convey the overall image and look for products and services. Develops commercial or promotional campaign materials, including packaging, displays, logos, and website navigation graphics. May have significant project leadership role in terms of the quality and style of materials.
Median base salary: $60,850

Publications Manager

Performs tasks related to publications, such as proofreading, phone inquiries, and maintenance of publication resource files, including editorial, photo, and/or advertising archives, clipping service, and copyright releases. Completes order entry, fulfillment, and inventory activities.
Median base salary: $69,814

Advertising Sales Representative

Directs the promotion, marketing, selling, and servicing of advertising in the organization’s major periodical and special publications (printed and/or online). May also develop and administer the organization’s national, regional, and/or local advertising activities.
Median base salary: $62,420

Technical Writer

Writes technical material, such as instructional aids, training manuals, and brochures. May also prepare reports and/or coordinate with other technical staff.
Median base salary: $68,232

Editorial Production Assistant

Responsible for one or more aspects of the association's publications, including writing, copy editing, and proofreading; may assist with the creation and maintenance of electronic publications.
Median base salary: $49,845


Source: ASAE, Association Compensation & Benefits Study 2022