Job Summaries and Salaries: Education/Credentialing

Descriptions and median base salaries from ASAE research

Chief Education/Content Officer

Oversees all strategic and operational aspects of member and/or public education programs. May be responsible for certification/credentialing program in the absence of a Top Certification Position. May also serve as part of the executive team or have organizational responsibilities in other areas.
Median base salary: $140,000

Education/Content Director

Manages the development and administration of content for education programs for members and/or the public. May be responsible for the design and implementation of professional training/certification programs offered though specialized courses or workshops. At larger organizations, may report to a Chief Education/Content Officer.
Median base salary: $98,336

Education Manager/Coordinator/Registrar

Administers education programs for the organization. May design programs, handle registration, and/or coordinate continuing education credits. May have extensive contact with key volunteers.
Median base salary: $67,030

Education Assistant

Entry-level knowledge worker who works as an assistant within the education or professional development department. Helps to organize seminars or other educational programming. May require knowledge of web-based tools.
Median base salary: $49,706

Top Certification Position

Develops and administers the operational aspects for certification/credentialing programs of the organization.
Median base salary: $100,712

Testing Coordinator

Coordinates the administration of tests necessary for earning the association’s certification/credential. May have direct contact with candidates and testing vendors.
Median base salary: $55,000

Standards/Credentialing Program Specialist

Responsible for technical activities such as product research and testing, development of product standards, certification of products, field testing, technical manuals, or other technical programs.
Median base salary: $64,000


Source: ASAE, Association Compensation & Benefits Study 2022