Sample Marketing Job Descriptions

As an association executive, we understand you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. That’s why we’ve compiled the collection of sample marketing job descriptions below. Use these to kick start your recruitment process. Of course, you’ll want to tailor them to the position you’re looking for, but these will get you started. Do you have a sample that your fellow ASAE members might find useful? Email it to: [email protected]. Please submit original items only. We cannot post materials copyrighted to others, nor do we post promotional materials.

Marketing Director 

Marketing Manager 

  • Senior Marketing Manager
    Description: The Senior Marketing Manager has overall responsibility for ensuring the appropriate marketing strategies, plan, and implementation to attract the target market.

  • Marketing Manager (Job Posting)
    Organization: National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • Industry Partner Marketing Manager
    Description: The Industry Partner Marketing Manager manages the marketing department, coordinates, evaluates, and develops support tools for sales reps, and monitors relationships with clients.

Marketing Coordinator