The ASAE ForesightWorks Action Brief License


ASAE created the ASAE ForesightWorks action briefs, contained in the ASAE ForesightWorks Complete Collection and in the action sets, to help association volunteer leaders and professional staff increase understanding and wrestle with the implications of drivers of change identified by the ASAE Foundation as likely to affect organizations in the association space.

In that vein, this material is intended for noncommercial use, including for learning, discussion, and making plans for an organization’s future. Purchasers may share this content, subject to some limitations, with the members of the staff and board of a single headquarters organization. Purchasers may excerpt and distribute to those staff and board members individual action briefs or selections of pages from the action briefs. However, purchasers or other users may not distribute partial pages or alter the content without specific written permission from ASAE; nor may purchasers or other users in any circumstances remove any trademarks or copyright notifications prior to distribution of any of this material.

ASAE and the ASAE Foundation further recognize that in some circumstances, purchasers may wish to distribute the material to a wider array of stakeholders. These stakeholders might include but are not limited to chapter or affiliate networks, client associations or their leaders or governing boards, additional organizations, or others not included in the primary license of rights to use. In such circumstances, contact us at, and we will work with you to answer any questions you have and identify a suitable license of rights and the related fees.