Get the Word Out on Your Open Staff Positions

Mitchell_open staff positions August 15, 2023 By: Barbara Mitchell

The search for a new employee can be tough, but there are several things you can do to make it easier, including showcasing your organization and using both job boards and your professional networks.

Q: It’s been a while since we’ve had a position open. Could you give us some ideas on how to draw attention to it?

A: You are right that recruiting has changed a lot. But the best first step to take is to post the opening on your organization’s website.

If you don’t already have a jobs or careers page on your website, this is the time to do it. Job seekers will go to your careers page to find out all about the positions you have open, but they also want to learn about your culture and your mission, vision, and values. In other words, before they decide to apply, they want to know if your organization is the kind of place where they will be successful.

Your careers page is a great place to showcase what makes your organization special. Let potential applicants know why they should want to work with your organization. Include testimonials from current staff members about why they work for your organization, as well as pictures from events that let potential new hires see people having fun or whatever message you want to share. Job seekers also want to work for organizations that are good citizens in their communities, so don't forget to include that info on your website.

In addition, highlight benefits and any other unique offerings, such as your mentoring program or your commitment to employee development. Today’s employees are interested in working for organizations that will invest in their future so, if you mean it, let them know that their future will be a priority for your organization.

Today’s employees are interested in working for organizations that will invest in their future.
After you get your careers page up to speed, reach out to your professional network. Not only do most people find jobs through networking, but organizations can also make use of networks to find candidates. Of course, you want to list the positions you have open on LinkedIn, Indeed, and industry-specific sites (e.g., in the association space, there's ASAE's Association CareerHQ), but don’t overlook letting your colleagues know about your need for a specific skill and ask them to send any candidate your way.

And no matter where you post, don’t just include the job description of an open position. Instead, use a well-written job posting that markets your organization and lists the skills needed to be successful in the position. If needed, get help from your marketing staff to write a good job post. I wish you luck in your search for new talent.

Barbara Mitchell

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