The Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

Mitchell_mobile recruiting March 30, 2021 By: Barbara Mitchell

People rely on their mobile devices in all aspects of their lives, including when job hunting. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your job site and application process are mobile-friendly.

Q: I’d like to know more about how to use mobile technology in our recruitment process. It seems to me we could improve our communication with applicants if we made better use of this tool. Is it worth exploring?

A: It’s definitely worth exploring. Mobile recruiting is having a huge impact on how employers hire. This channel has become an important way to reach busy professionals, since so many people spend a great deal of time on their mobile devices.

No longer do people look for jobs just when sitting at their desks—they use their phones or tablets from anywhere at any time. Especially if you’re looking to catch the eye of passive job candidates—those who might be open to a new opportunity but are not actively engaged in a job search—mobile technology lets you reach them when they aren’t necessarily looking. So the first step is to be sure that your job board or careers page on your website is optimized for mobile users.

Likewise, candidates are looking for a simple application process without hurdles and impediments. Organizations that hang on to legacy processes with complex applications and complicated technology tools risk losing candidates to their competition. Many candidates run out of patience and give up if it takes too long to apply or get a response.

No longer do people look for jobs just when sitting at their desks—they use their phones or tablets from anywhere at any time.

A mobile-friendly experience doesn’t simply replicate your desktop site. Use video as much as possible. Record short (two- to three-minute) interviews with current employees, and post them to share about your culture. Put up a quick summary of your application process. Invite watchers to take the next step and apply, and lead them through your simplified process. Publicize your mobile job site on your social media channels to maximize your visibility.

A mobile recruitment strategy should also make use of text messaging. One of the biggest complaints from job seekers is that they don’t know the status of their application. Texting is an easy way to keep in touch with applicants to keep them informed of where they are in the process and what, if any, next steps are coming. You can also use texting to send a short list of simple questions to applicants that they can answer easily on their mobile device.

A streamlined mobile recruitment process will greatly enhance your ability to attract the best talent available. It isn’t just that mobile recruiting is easier for the applicant; it demonstrates that your organization is savvy enough to use this mode of recruitment, which will have a positive impact on how people perceive your organization.

Mobile recruitment isn’t just the latest shiny, new toy. It has significant benefits for both employers and job seekers and appears to be here to stay.

Barbara Mitchell

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