The Executive Job Search in the New Media Age

Professional Development March 17, 2015 By: Nancy Green, FASAE, CAE

Social media and other online technologies have transformed how recruiters find executives—and how executives need to handle job searching and interviewing. Here's how a little savvy can go a long way.

As with every other aspect of our lives, technology has upended traditional job search and recruiting practices. This is mostly good news: All executives (and aspiring executives) now have many more tools to attract the attention of an employer or recruiter. But standing out in a crowded candidate field is still what the job search is all about. The days of printing our resumes on attractive 80-pound, ivory paper are long gone, but they've been replaced by endorsements on LinkedIn or strategically placed keywords in your resume that ensure you come up in search engines and recruiting websites. In addition, Skype interviews and video conferencing allow a near "face-to-face" connection before final decisions need to be made. ...