Cybersecurity: Not Just for Home Depot Anymore

Technology August 28, 2015 By: Craig Blackman and Jana Landon

Don't assume you're immune to a cyberattack just because you're not Target or Sony. Nonprofit organizations can be attractive, lower-profile targets for hackers. Associations should take steps to protect themselves and consider insurance options to cover losses if a breach occurs.

We are bombarded every day with a new headline regarding another cyberattack that seems bigger than the previous one. The names alone—Sony, Target, Home Depot, Anthem, the Internal Revenue Service, the Office of Personnel Management—can send shudders down the most seasoned IT manager's spine. Last year was rightly named the "year of the data breach," and 2015 may outpace it: A recent study found that more than 40 percent of U.S. companies surveyed experienced a data breach of some sort in the past year. ...