Data: Still Struggling With Analytics

Tech Data Nugget Associations Now July/August 2019 Issue

Businesses of all types use data analytics to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of external trends and forces, but for many organizations, understanding and using big data remains a top challenge.

Only 9 percent of businesses surveyed by the Institute of Management Accountants said they have completely implemented their desired analytics techniques and technologies.

What stage of implementation of leading-edge analytics techniques and technologies is your organization at right now?

“We’re working on it—it’s still being implemented.”


“We’ve only just begun.”


“Completely implemented.”


“Not sure.”


“Still in the scoping-out stages.”


Source: Institute of Management Accountants, The Data Analytics Implementation Journey in Business and Finance, January 2019

[This article was originally published in the Associations Now print edition, titled “Still Struggling With Data."]