I Can't Live Without My...Zoom

Zoom Associations Now May/June 2018 Issue

Zoom is a video communication tool that can bring remote teams together in virtual spaces, like chats and webinars.

“Managing a remote team means I get to hire the best and the brightest talent across the country as we support the professional development needs of our clients. But it also means that we miss out on the benefits of working with one another, including the ability to see and engage face to face. For this reason, we’ve begun holding team meetings via Zoom. This platform makes remote meetings incredibly simple. We value the more personal feel that video affords, including the ability to pick up on nonverbal cues. The successes we’ve experienced in our team meetings have extended to our client and volunteer meetings too. Most recently, we’ve also used Zoom to share informational videos and livestreamed group chats to Facebook.”

Aaron D. Wolowiec
Founder and President, Event Garde and Healthy by Association, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Price: Free or subscription service

More info: zoom.us