Career Coach: Why You're Not Getting Hired

Not Getting Hired Associations Now March/April 2018 Issue By: Cheryl Palmer

If you find yourself stuck in your job search, here are three things you could be doing wrong.

If you find yourself stuck in your job search while the job market is booming, it’s time to reflect on what may be going wrong. Here are three mistakes you could be making:

You have no digital presence. While this may not seem harmful at first glance, not having an online presence can signal to recruiters that you are not social media savvy. Good social media skills are an expectation these days.

Your resume never sees the light of day. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of job seekers. If you do not have the appropriate keywords on your resume, recruiters will not find you when they search the database.

Your resume doesn’t reflect your true capabilities. Many great workers do themselves a disservice by writing their own resumes when they are not good resume writers. Your resume needs to match your qualifications to the requirements outlined on a job posting. If it doesn’t, you won’t land an interview.

Identifying what is going wrong in your job search is the first step toward correcting the problem. But you may need help with presenting yourself online, on paper, and in person so that employers see how valuable you are.

Cheryl Palmer

Cheryl Palmer, M.Ed., CPRW, is founder and career coach at Call to Career.