I Can’t Live Without My … BuzzSumo

my_buzzsumo Associations Now September/October 2017 Issue

This online tool lets you track topics and issues trending in your space, in turn helping you develop relevant content for your audience.

“A massive part of my job is content creation, distribution, and management. To do that, I really need to know what is going on in the AMS space. BuzzSumo is a trending aggregator that scours the internet and lets you know what topics are hot at any given time. Plus, it’s all searchable! Want to see what’s trending in membership management? Simply key in those search words. Want to see what’s new with the competition? Key in their URL, and you not only see what kinds of content they are producing, but you also have a window into what is catching fire in the social media stratosphere. This will help you find ‘hidden nuggets’ of topics and angles that you may not have considered.”

—Jennifer Boykin, Director of Marketing, Protech Associates, Columbia, Maryland

Price: $79/month, free trial available
More info: www.buzzsumo.com