3 Lessons: Think Globally and Take Small Risks

3_lessons_johnnie_white Associations Now September/October 2017 Issue

Johnnie White, CAE, director of global education, meetings, and strategic partnerships at the American Academy of Otolaryngology, says successful leaders are team players who don’t go it alone.

Johnnie White, CAE
Director of Global Education, Meetings, and Strategic Partnerships
American Academy of Otolaryngology
Alexandria, Virginia

Focus on teamwork.

To create a great team, you must know all of your members. Take time to get to know them—that includes staff and vendors too. Managing large meetings and servicing a large membership base, I always have the motto: A team can service thousands better than one.

Think globally.

I learned early in my career to be open to others outside of the United States and provide them with great service. There are definitely differences in the interactions you may have with individuals from different countries, but if you embrace and respect cultural differences and provide great customer service, you will have a long-term member.

Taking risks means making change.

There are a lot of people not comfortable with change, especially in the association world. When introducing new ideas, be prepared to have data to support the idea, and take baby steps during the implementation process.

[This article was originally published in the Associations Now print edition, titled "Team Player."]