I Cant Live Without My Unroll me App

i_cant_live_wo_my_unroll_me Associations Now November/December 2015 By: Joe Rominiecki

Use this handy app to help consolidate your email.

This service can help you get a handle on all the junk mail piling up in your inbox.

"Give Unroll.me access to your email inbox or inboxes and it goes through and locates any 'mass' emails you have subscribed to (those from restaurants, listservers, websites, etc.) and aggregates them all in one place. It then gives you the option to unsubscribe or 'rollup,' bringing those emails into one daily digest. You get to dictate when the digest comes as well as how often. Even though my digest is pretty big, I have found that it is much less stressful to have twenty-some emails in my inbox each morning as opposed to 80 or 90."

—Scott Oser, President, Scott Oser Associates, North Potomac, Maryland

By: Unroll.me
Price: Free
More info: unroll.me

Joe Rominiecki

Joe Rominiecki is a contributing editor to Associations Now.