Ask the CEO: Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners

Ask the CEO Associations Now November/December 2015

Olivia McLaughlin of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners explains why she places a premium on the personal touch in advocacy. Also: what surprises and delights her about her members.

Olivia McLaughlin, executive director, Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners, answers questions from MICNP member Mary Serowoky

Serowoky: What are one or two things that you've learned about nurse practition ers that surprised or delighted you?

McLaughlin: Perhaps most professional associations see this reflected in their members, but I just love seeing how passionately dedicated nurse practitioners are to their profession. They take such pride in their work and also in seeing students succeed in advanced-practice nursing programs to join their ranks. If you want to see a nurse practitioner light up, ask them about caring for their patients!

What has been one of your most valuable contributions to the success of MICNP, and how did you make it happen?

The simple addition of an online advocacy program to our website has exponentially increased member response to our legislative calls to action. Coupled with new membership management software and a new website over the last few years, these updated forms of messaging have empowered the association with improved means of communication—not only to members, but also to those supportive of or just interested in learning more about our organizational goals. It continues to be a challenge to get our message out to all potential members, but we ask everyone to be an advocate among their nurse practition er friends and colleagues, knowing that the personal ask always works best.

What is your favorite vacation spot and leisure activity?

It has been six years since my husband and I first took a European trip together, and we've been dying to get back ever since, especially to the Tuscany region in Italy. Otherwise, it would be a good weekend if I could squeeze in a couple of uninterrupted hours (read: toddler-free) armed with a great book and a cup of tea to recharge my batteries, although power shopping or a yoga slow-flow class would also work in a pinch!