This Gnome Knows Membership

Membership Associations Now March/April 2015

A Q&A with a gnome? It's no joke: The traveling mascot of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association shares his advice on member engagement.

At right: Roamey the Gnome, roaming mascot of membership, Kentucky Pharmacists Association, Frankfort, Kentucky

Associations Now: What drew you to association membership work?

Roamey: I like the opportunity to work with pharmacists from across the state and in various practice environments. By working and engaging together, we can improve the care provided to patients.

Why is face-to-face member engagement so important?

Just listen to the word itself! It is much easier to share ideas face to face than via email or other forms of communication. The personal networking and relationship building are what it is all about.

What have you learned about KPhA members in your travels?

They are all taller than I am, and they are always very welcoming. They love helping patients by answering questions, counseling them, and helping them overall with their medication needs. They also like to have their photos taken with me.

How can a 12-inch gnome influence busy, human association members?

I get them to consider the possibilities of doing and seeing things differently. We share ideas. If I believe that membership matters, they begin to believe, too. That is why we say, "Membership Matters in YOUR KPhA!"

For more on Roamey and KPhA, see "Why People Love This Association's Membership Mascot," December 17, 2014.