Idea Bank: A Hub of Inspiration

Leadership Associations Now March/April 2015 By: Rob Stott

Members of the Mobile Marketing Association were looking for new ways to get inspired in the work they do. The organization's solution: a new awards program filled with inspiring ideas.

What's the great idea? A hub for mobile marketing case studies

Who's doing it? The Mobile Marketing Association

What's involved? The number-one thing members said they wanted from MMA was a place to find inspiration for new mobile marketing tactics. The problem? "No one was really willing to offer up any of their own case studies," says CEO Greg Stuart.

To get members to open up a little, MMA created an awards program to help drive the addition of case studies to its case study hub, which launched last year. In 2014, MMA collected almost 1,300 entries, Stuart says. Staff converted some of those submissions into content for the hub.

The case studies are broken down into various categories, from campaign objective to industry to geography. MMA works with several groups around the globe to curate the collection.

What are people saying? "It was hard to get groups to open up and contribute at the start, but now that it's open and members can access the full library, we've only heard good things about it," Stuart says. Since launch, over 65 percent of MMA's marketing membership has accessed the tool.

The next step, says Stuart, is to develop more of the awards submissions into content for the hub. "We won't process all of them, but it'll be enough to more than double the size of the database," he says.

[This article was originally published in the Associations Now print edition, titled "Marketing Inspiration."]

Rob Stott

Rob Stott is a contributing editor to Associations Now.