I Can't Live Without My ... Waze App

Technology Associations Now July/August 2015 By: Katie Bascuas

Avoid traffic delays and one-way streets with this navigation app sourced from community-generated information and reports.

This community-based traffic and navigation app allows drivers to share real-time traffic and road information to save each other time and gas money.

"Waze has become my go-to app for finding my way from point A to point B. I just can't stress the value enough of knowing not only the best way to avoid traffic but to be able to also avoid the potholes on the way. The fact that it tells me where there are speed cameras and police nearby keeps me on high alert and definitely helps me to be mindful."

—Kiki L'Italien, social media consultant at Amplified Growth, Washington, DC

By: Waze, Inc.
Price: Free
More info: waze.com

Katie Bascuas

Katie Bascuas is an associate editor at Associations Now in Washington, DC.