Associations USA: Pennsylvania

Business Operations Associations Now July/August 2015

Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Keystone State.


The cost of an invention evaluation for members of the Philadelphia-based American Society of Inventors. The service typically costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the invention marketing company. ASI regularly invites members to apply for invention evaluations by the organization's board of directors.1


Total number of registered nonprofits in 2014, the fifth highest total in the U.S.2

$670 million

Total contributions and grants received by membership associations in 2010, the ninth highest in the U.S.3

Who You'll Find There:4

  • Printing Industries of America (Sewickley)
  • Association for Bridge Construction and Design (Pittsburgh)
  • National Association of Colleges and Employers (Bethlehem)
  • Home Sewing Association (Monroeville)
  • Antique Automobile Association (Hershey)
  • American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia)
  • Risk Management Association (Philadelphia)
  • Drug Information Association (Horsham)


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