Professional Practices in Association Management Fourth Edition

Professional Practices in Association Management Fourth Edition

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Susan S. Radwan, CAE


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  • Association Industry
  • Management (General)
  • CEOs/Executive Management
  • Applied
  • Strategic
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This new, fourth edition covers all the primary areas of association and nonprofit management. The successor to one of five core resources for those preparing for the CAE Exam, Professional Practices in Association Management is considered a cornerstone publication of the body of knowledge of association management.

More than 65 experts contributed to this essential resource. Every chapter in this new edition was updated or is brand new--45 total chapters. In addition to serving CAE aspirants, content covers functional and knowledge areas not specifically identified in the CAE Content Outline. Readers, whether aspiring CAEs, relatively new CEOs, seasoned CEOs, C-suite executives, or senior staff will find value and takeaways such as the following:

  • risk-mitigation considerations
  • the latest effective practices
  • a check against commonly held misconceptions
  • enterprisewide thinking for CSEs and senior staff
  • experience-based insights for navigating challenging issues
  • a go-to reference to learn about or refresh onself on a newly acquired functional-area responsibility
  • multiple new chapters focused on instilling a culture of specific values such as diversity, equity, and inclusion; foresight; performance; and data-informed decision making

Chapters also cover foresight, pivoting your organization, and business models, to assist leaders with evolving their organization to succeed with the ever-changing environment.

(2021, hardcover, 704 pages)