Achieving Global Growth: Establishing & Maintaining Global Markets (PDF)

Achieving Global Growth: Establishing & Maintaining Global Markets  (PDF)

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Based on data from over 300 U.S.-based associations with an international presence, Achieving Global Growth: Establishing & Maintaining Global Markets outlines six factors that differentiate growers (associations experiencing membership and/or revenue growth from non-U.S. customers) from non-growers (those experiencing stagnation or decline). The analysis was further distilled down to the following five recommendations:

  1. Dedicate commitment and effort to achieve better global growth
  2. Introduce a variety of relevant products and services to promote engagement among international audiences
  3. Integrate global and local operations to sustain business activity
  4. Secure partnerships that open market access and improve local capacity
  5. Consider opportunities in emerging markets

Check out the report’s infographic to learn more about the five recommendations.

The report kicks off a new series of research called the Association Global Management Series, which will examine strategies associations can employ to develop and sustain global growth outside the U.S. market. The ASAE Foundation is working with the MCI Group, a global network of 62 offices in 32 countries providing market development services and conference management, on this new research series.

(2014, 20 pages, PDF)