The Informed Association: A Practical Guide to Using Research for Results

The Informed Association: A Practical Guide to Using Research for Results

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Sarah Slater, MS, and Sharon Moss, PhD, CRA, CAE


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"If there’s one phrase that sets remarkable associations apart, it’s “Data, data, data.” They gather information, analyze it, and then use it to become even better." –7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t

The Informed Association: A Practical Guide to Using Research for Results will help you understand the importance of data-based decision making and the limitations of the data; making it more important than ever to know what the right questions are to ask and how to gather data in a way that will be meaningful and useful. Gaining knowledge through research will let you prioritize investments and resources for success in a competitive environment.

Outlining all the essential principles you’ll need to consider to get started through research design phase and implementation, you’ll get all the insight you need to create a well-thought-out research plan. With detailed definitions, example charts, and case-studies throughout to help illustrate how associations can and have used research to help move themselves forward in an every-day environment, this is truly a resource that will give you guidance.

Throughout the guide you’ll learn:

  • Why we use data to make decisions
  • When to say "no" to a research project
  • How to manage the research process internally or through a vendor
  • How to create and develop a research plan to guide your project
  • What collection methods can work for you and how to determine and recruit your survey audience
  • The ethical issues that arise when conducting research
  • How to analyze and interpret data results
  • To identify common pitfalls and errors to avoid
  • Which medium is best for conveying your results to an audience

Plus, each chapter starts off with learning objectives so you can easily reference and find the information you're looking for, and ends with "Questions to Ask Yourself" to help you develop and assess what you've learned and how it can be applied to your own association as you move forward.

Let your data guide the way!

(2013, ISBN 978-0-88034-367-1, paperback, 188 pages)