Aplusify is a registered Salesforce partner, Fonteva service partner and Nimble AMS partner. Our close collaboration with Salesforce, Fonteva and Nimble AMS means empowering associations and nonprofits to maximize the most out of these platforms. With 300+ in-house Salesforce-certified experts and experience catering to changing association needs, Aplusify provides best-in-class implementation, managed and consulting services at an affordable price. Aplusify’s team is also equipped to enhance member experiences - improve existing membership renewal rates, increase donations, boost event presence and generate more non-dues revenue, leveraging the power of Salesforce Einstein AI for associations and nonprofits. From manage memberships, events and fundraising efficiently. From helping associations to choose the right AMS technology specific to their needs to having good data in the system, and implementing the custom AI use-cases, Aplusify serves as a top choice implementation and managed services partner for many associations and nonprofits looking to evolve with the ever-growing needs of their members. 

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MapleLMS is a user-friendly association Learning Management System (LMS) that can be effortlessly implemented and overseen by members without technical expertise. It empowers online learning accessibility at learner’s convenience, across all devices. MapleLMS is seamlessly integrated with various AMSs like Fonteva, MembersClicks, Protech, iMIS, Personify, Aptify, Impexium, and many more. Our association LMS focuses primarily on member training for continuing education, non-dues revenue generation for member-based organizations, partner training, and external learners training. 

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#1 Choice for Association Events- EVA Event Tech Hub EVA Event Tech Hub revolutionizes event management for association professionals, merging interactive engagement with streamlined processes. Its Digital Engagement Platform elevates attendee experience through AI-curated attendee journeys, embedded engagement tools, and interactive content delivery, actively involving participants and fostering networking. This engagement is backed by valuable data insights, enhancing future event planning. The Salesforce Native Event Registration App simplifies attendee registration, offering flexible ticketing options and integrating seamlessly with Salesforce for in-depth data analysis. This combination of ease and insight ensures a smooth, satisfying attendee experience and informed decision-making for organizers. EVA’s solutions empower association events with technology that boosts engagement, simplifies management, and unlocks actionable insights. Adopt EVA Event Tech Hub to transform your events into dynamic, impactful gatherings that leave lasting impressions. Elevate your event management strategy and stand out in the competitive landscape with EVA. 

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