Five Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Productivity

linetti_five_ways_to_improve_employee_happiness_and_productivity December 7, 2020 By: Lena Linetti

A stress-filled year has taken its toll on staff. However, organizations that can improve employee happiness will benefit from increased productivity and engagement.

Studies have shown employees who are happier have increased focus and passion. In fact, it equates to around a 10 percent in productivity levels, illustrating a direct correlation between employee happiness and an organization’s bottom line. Here are a few tips for associations looking to keep employees engaged and productive amid a year of significant stress.

Develop trust.
Trust is the foundation of any organization. If staff know that their employer trusts them, they are more likely to perform creatively and confidently. Providing meaningful and varied tasks can help employees feel more trusted. This also builds feelings of being valued.

Give consistent feedback. Employees not only want bosses to notice their hard work but they also expect them to provide feedback. As a manager, be aware of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and how their performance can be improved. By being accessible and giving them consistent feedback, you can open up communication barriers between yourself and your team. However, keep in mind that this feedback is effective only when it is fair, objective, and instructive. You can use written feedback for the purpose.

To keep motivation levels high, you have to appreciate their hard work continuously. Pat backs for the tasks done well and provide due credit, whether written or verbal.
Provide growth opportunities. Talented employees will try to learn and increase their knowledge. According to Harvard Business Review, one of the more significant driving forces of employee motivation is the urge to get better at work and make progress. So, if you are looking to lead a team of employees that are engaged, assign a variety of tasks, not just the mundane, that permit them to grow professionally.

Appreciate accomplishments. Engaged employees will always try to exceed the call of duty. They take full responsibility for their assignments, and many times will complete them before the deadline. However, to keep motivation levels high, you have to appreciate their hard work continuously. Pat backs for the tasks done well and provide due credit, whether written or verbal. Establishing a positive feedback loop makes sure employees stay engaged.

Offer greater flexibility.
Gone are the days of 9 to 5: Employees want greater flexibility and a better balance between work and life. As long as they are meeting the deadlines required by projects and total weekly hour requirements, there is no reason to be rigid about schedules. This flexibility can continue, even as the pandemic recedes.

Leaders agree that the attitude of an employee plays a significant role in the success of an organization. To keep your teams happy and engaged, ensure that you incorporate the five steps above into your leadership style and execute them every day. Happy employees are engaged employees. By providing them a reason to get up every day and be excited about work, you’ll likely see your organization’s bottom line benefit as well.


Lena Linetti

Lena Linetti is a freelance writer and an interior designer at GVD Renovations in Sacramento, California.