Data: Why Employers Should Care About Mental Health

Mental Health Associations Now Winter 2020 Issue

Employee retention is a priority for every employer, including associations. Offering employees better mental health support may help.

According to Mind Share Partners’ 2019 Mental Health at Work Report, mental health affects the workplace significantly, reducing productivity and forcing some employees out. “Over 60 percent of respondents said their productivity at work was affected by their mental health, and over a third thought their work or workplace environment contributed to their symptoms,” the report says. “What’s more, many left their companies as a result.” Younger workers were the most likely to leave a job for mental health reasons.

Voluntarily left a job due to mental health reasons:

All workers


Generation Z (up to 22 years old)


Millennials (23-38 years old)


Gen X (39-54 years old)


Baby boomers (55-73 years old)