ASAE ForesightWorks User’s Guide (digital book)

ASAE ForesightWorks User’s Guide (digital book)

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Marsha Rhea, CAE


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The ASAE ForesightWorks User’s Guide provides information and resources to assist leaders in exploring the ForesightWorks action briefs and establishing foresight practices and processes. The guide explains the discipline of foresight, the methodology for the ASAE ForesightWorks program, and the most effective ways to use the action briefs. The guide facilitates designing your own foresight journey by offering insights on

  • initiating foresight practices
  • conducting foresight research and analysis
  • applying foresight

The User’s Guide provides tools and other resources, such as facilitation tips, strategic questions, and a sample survey, to help you prioritize which drivers of change to tackle.

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(2018, 50 pages,digital book)