The Will to Govern Well: Knowledge, Trust & Nimbleness, 2nd Edition

The Will to Govern Well: Knowledge, Trust & Nimbleness, 2nd Edition

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Glenn H. Tecker,, Paul D. Meyer,, Bud Crouch, and, and Leigh Wintz, CAE


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  • Board of Directors
  • CEOs/Executive Management
  • Governance Structure
  • Applied
  • Strategic
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Completely updated edition of a perennial bestseller, The Will to Govern Well is a treasury of enlightening, eye-opening, and at times startling revelations that could dramatically alter the way your association operates. Discover how today's most successful organizations thrive and overcome challenges. Content is based on in-depth research on more than 1,000 association staff and member leaders. Inside, you'll find
  • A new chapter to help your organization's leadership adopt and make real a knowledge-based culture
  • A new chapter on the intelligent association that reflects contemporary environments in which organizations operate
  • Key characteristics that set apart those associations that react to change positively and quickly
  • The importance of developing governance systems controlled by tomorrow's challenges,not yesterday's rumors
  • Valuable insights that demonstrate what it means to be a forward-thinking organization

(2010, 272 pages, ISBN 978-0-88034-325-1, softcover)