Event Location: Questions for Consideration

Meeting location decisions are more difficult than ever, and this issue impacts the association community. ASAE is working with volunteers and other organizations to develop an approach to assist in making the best decisions for stakeholders. While there are no easy answers on this topic, ASAE has released our Event Location: Questions for Consideration (PDF) a document that includes the questions the ASAE Board of Directors considers regarding locations for meetings and conferences and adverse political issues. 

This resource includes:

  • Information-gathering on specific legislation prior to action;
  • Contract legal and ethical questions for consideration;
  • An Equity analysis;
  • Association actions to address the issue; and
  • Ongoing issue scanning.

This document was created by the State Meetings Task Force appointed by the ASAE Board and edited by numerous ASAE volunteer groups.


Meeting Community Needs 

At the Annual Meeting in Nashville, ASAE launched Meeting Community Needs, an initiative working in partnership with host cities to impact positive change based on the needs of the local community. This program will show how associations and their destination partners can do well by doing good in the host cities where we meet. It will also include a template for ASAE members to customize to their own conferences.  

For questions, contact Mary Kate Cunningham, SVP of Public Policy at mcunningham@asaecenter.org


Share Your Story

ASAE is looking for stories of associations who have dealt with adverse political issues and how they have made a positive difference in the community by keeping their meeting in a location. Submit your story at powerofassociations@asaecenter.org.  


Societal Statement Framework 

The ASAE Board of Directors has approved a Societal Statement Framework for ASAE to determine when to release a statement on a societal issue. ASAE is sharing this document with our members to use and modify for their own organizations. The framework includes evaluation criteria; decision-making criteria; timeliness; position statement elements; and other actions to consider. 


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