ASAE Research Foundation Announces 2022 Recipient of Sal Martino Grant for DEI Research

April 6, 2022

WASHINGTON— ASAE Research Foundation announced today the recipient of the 2022 Sal Martino Grant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research

Khaldoun AbouAssi, Ph.D., Provost Associate Professor

Department of Public Administration & Policy, School of Public Affairs, American University

Proposal Title: “The Effects of the Intersectionality of Gender and Race on Members’ Involvement in Membership Associations”

Tentative Timeline: The anticipated research timeline based on the proposal is August 2022-July 2023

“The 2022 selection committee congratulates Dr. AbouAssi as the recipient of this year’s Sal Martino Grant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research," said Gary Roebuck, CAE Scholarly Research Grant Program (STGP) Steering Committee Chair and Deputy Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries. “The insights from this research will serve as foundational understanding of how the intersectionality of race and gender play a role in association volunteerism. We look forward to sharing the results of this research to add to the growing knowledge of association management.”

“This grant represents another example of ASAE and ASAE Research Foundation’s ongoing effort to advance DEI in the association community and highlight collaborations with academia to advance knowledge in association management. We recognize the timeliness of this grant and are thankful for the support from Webster, Chamberlain & Bean, LLC, to honor Sal Martino and his continued dedication to DEI,” said Sharon Moss, PhD, CAE, President of ASAE Research Foundation.

ASAE Research Foundation is an established primary creator and resource for research and information in the association community. Through this grant, the Foundation intends to expand and promote academic research that advances knowledge in association management and leadership, creating new conversations in DEI, and raising the profile of nonprofit research both inside and outside academia.

The grant provides up to $15,000 to one meritorious proposal addressing DEI in association management and is intended to support the research activities of those working (or matriculating) in an academic community, association management professionals and consultants/private contractors in association management.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Chris Vest, CAE, 202-626-2798,


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