ASAE Board Approves Three-Year Strategic Plan, Enlists Volunteer Leaders in Building Culture Shift

November 19, 2020

WASHINGTON— The ASAE and ASAE Research Foundation Board of Directors on Nov. 17 approved a three-year strategic direction that will help ASAE reimagine its next chapter of impact and growth as the professional home for association leaders.

Building on a 100-year organizational history and its already strong culture, ASAE’s strategic planning process, facilitated by THRUUE, Inc., is focused on inspiring a community of association leaders to solve real-time challenges, fulfill their missions and impact society.

“ASAE’s new strategic plan will enable a refresh of ASAE’s direction and business models to meet an increasingly changing environment,” said ASAE Board Chair Steve Caldeira, president and CEO of the Household & Commercial Products Association. “As the Gold Standard for association management, ASAE has a responsibility to model change and this new strategy is grounded in deepening member engagement and strengthening the overall value proposition for our community,” Caldeira added.

ASAE’s strategic direction is aligned around three key goals: to deeply understand and serve the needs of association CEOs and C-Suite leaders; to build meaningful community through omni-channel platforms and events; and to create leadership pathways for association professionals. As part of the strategy, ASAE will develop new business models, including membership, pricing, revenue and governance, to create new value for stakeholders. ASAE’s future will be built on becoming a digital-first organization that delivers relevant, easy-to-access content to its members; model and support diverse, equitable and inclusive communities across its membership, staff and throughout the association industry; and continue to advocate for and enhance public awareness on the significant contributions of associations to society and the U.S. economy.

Following the Board action earlier this week, the ASAE Board and staff introduced the plan to ASAE’s top leaders at a Volunteer Leaders’ Exchange on Nov. 18 and enlisted their active participation in fine-tuning ASAE’s future direction.

“ASAE’s volunteer leaders will play a big role in how ASAE executes its strategy and enhances its culture. The passion and excitement evident at the Volunteer Leaders’ Exchange validated that we’re on the right track,” said ASAE President and CEO Susan Robertson, CAE. “We’re at the starting point, but at the end of this three-year process ASAE will have experienced transformational change that will smartly position the organization for years to come.”

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