ASAE Meetings Accessibility Policy

Meetings Accessibility Policy

ASAE continues to remain committed to making our meetings and events accessible to all of our attendees.
Phone: 202-626-2888

Overall Policy

It is the policy of ASAE to hold meetings, conferences, and other professional events where barriers of any type do not exclude people from attending or participating. ASAE's practices also follow the state laws where the meeting or event is to be held.

Chemical Sensitivity

All ASAE events are smoke-free and as often as possible, held in smoke-free venues. Smoking is not permitted in any meeting or session rooms, business or networking events, or ASAE-sponsored social events. Please be aware that some venues (i.e. specific hotels) may allow smoking in public areas. This policy also applies to those using e-cigarettes. Both types of cigarettes can be used in designated smoking areas as determined by the venue. Specific requests can be made to hotels within our block and the meeting venues that chemicals not be used on carpeting or guest rooms.
In addition, ASAE encourages its meeting attendees to refrain from using perfume, cologne, aftershave and other fragranced personal care products for the health and safety of our attendees.

Chronic Pain

ASAE attendees with disabilities (including chronic pain) often have difficulty in crowded locations with unintended pushing or taps that have caused pain or loss of balance. Please be aware of this and be considerate of all attendees while onsite at events.

Nursing Mothers

ASAE will provide a locked room with a refrigerator for those nursing mothers who attend ASAE major meetings.

Meeting Room Setup

Specific request will be made to ASAE block hotels and meeting venues regarding adequate aisle space and cut-outs for wheelchair users in all meeting rooms and locations. Please note standard head tables (when used) include a podium and podium microphone. If you are presenting and require alternative arrangements (including a tabletop or lavaliere microphone, please notify your ASAE Learning contact. Every effort will be made to set meeting rooms/locations to accommodate all attendees both as speakers and audience members.

Accessibility at All Online programs and Conferences

All online major conferences will provide closed captioning. Most of our other online programs are compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act and have closed captioning. However, if a subscriber needs captioning for an activity that does not have it, we are happy to provide accommodation and have the activity captioned.  For additional information please email or call 202-626-2888.

Accessibility at Major Meetings

Specific accessibility information for each of our major meetings can be found in the links below.

At all our in-person meetings we address the following access services:

  • Food Allergies
  • Hearing
  • Housing and Transportation
  • Mobility
  • Vision

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