Organizational Priorities

Organizational Strategy - Destination 2026


The 2020 strategic framework sought to address the real-time challenges of the community with the goal of helping associations better fulfill their missions. To accomplish that ASAE focused on three areas: 1) understanding the industry through the lens of CEOs and c-suite constituencies; 2) serving the broader community more efficiently with omni-channel and modular formats for member products and services; and 3) tackling comprehensive workforce challenges, including diversity, equity and inclusion as well as career pathways for professionals.

After soliciting member feedback during a volunteer leadership retreat, ASAE’s board of directors is now working to fill the gaps between the ASAE of “now” and what ASAE will resemble when we reach Destination 2026. To that end, below are the priorities for ASAE in FY 2024.

Create Member Value

  • Develop targeted tools and practical solutions to address member needs
  • Build strong professional peer communities
  • Be the comprehensive source for association content and metrics

Foster Workforce Development

  • Nurture and develop diverse talent in the community
  • Help associations elevate DEI and Conscious Inclusion
  • Expand awareness of association career pathways for current and new audiences

Elevate Associations

  • Promote associations through advocacy and The Power of Associations
  • Enhance the global influence of associations through partnerships and collaborations
  • Focus on enterprise-wide environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Enhance Culture & Infrastructure

  • Build and stabilize high performing and responsive team and culture
  • Focus on operational excellence, delivery and technology infrastructure
  • Focus on workplace and real estate planning and strategy